New stack deployed

New stack deployed

New stack is now deployed to our infrastructure and brings many performance improvements. We've been working hard for the last couple of months to bring it to you and we are happy to announce general availability for all our customers.

What's new
  • [new] Dedicated machines for builds – brings faster build times
  • [new] Cache for modules – installed modules are cached and reused during the next build to improve build times (cache can be disabled via MODULES_CACHE=0 environment variable)
  • [new] Improved detection of startup script with better logging to make debugging easier
  • [new] If you use FTP access, your app is rebuilt automatically when any file changes through FTP and the app is restarted
  • [fix] Resolved issue with availability of some files during app restart

New apps are deployed automatically to the new stack, while old apps can be migrated on request.

The new stack deprecates some of the old features:

  • Static files are no longer served directly from the public/ folder
    The files can be easily served directly through your app e.g. through the Express.js static files feature
  • Persistent storage has been deprecated in favor of higher app availability
    As a replacement you can use our free MongoDB hosting to store persistent data.