Let's Encrypt SSL certificates support

We're happy to announce support for Let's Encrypt SSL certificates.

Let's Encrypt provides free SSL certificates which can be deployed for all your custom domains. The certificates are issued for 90 days and are renewed automatically before expiration.

All customers with plans supporting SSL certificates can now enjoy free SSL certificates which can be enabled through our web console following these steps:

  1. Open your app in web console
  2. Navigate to SSL / HTTPS in the left navigation
  3. Make sure all your custom domains navigate properly to your app to be able to verify your domains
  4. Enable Let's Encrypt
  5. Restart your app

Let's Encrypt is still in beta and certain rate limits apply. This means that we cannot provide SSL certificate for your app's domain at *.evennode.com. However the certificate will be issued for all your custom domains. Just make sure your custom domains redirect properly to your app to verify ownership of the domains.

Let's Encrypt SSL certificates are supported on majority of operating systems and browsers. However please note that as of writing this blog post there are certain issues on Windows XP with IE and Chrome, Blackberry OS 6, 7, 10 and Android 2.3.5. For more information see this thread in community forums.