New stack deployed

New stack is now deployed to our infrastructure and brings many performance improvements. We've been working hard for the last couple of months to bring it to you and we are happy to announce general availability for all our customers.

What's new
  • [new] Dedicated machines for builds – brings faster build times
  • [new] Cache for modules – installed modules are cached and reused during the next build to improve build

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MongoDB 3.2 support

We have just rolled out support for MongoDB 3.2 which provides many new features such as new storage engines, partial indexes, readConcern option which allows clients to choose a level of isolation for their reads and many others.

Our deployment consists of three member replica set – primary, secondary and a hidden backup replica member which is used to regularly backup the data.

MongoDB 3.2 is selected by

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Support for workers and processes

Last week we have deployed a big update which adds support for workers and processes. You can now define your own processes to be launched when your app starts such as workers or additional app instances.

This change enables you to run cron jobs and workers in a separate process apart from your app instances. If you run multiple app instances, all requests are automatically load balanced across all your

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Let's Encrypt SSL certificates support

We're happy to announce support for Let's Encrypt SSL certificates.

Let's Encrypt provides free SSL certificates which can be deployed for all your custom domains. The certificates are issued for 90 days and are renewed automatically before expiration.

All customers with plans supporting SSL certificates can now enjoy free SSL certificates which can be enabled through our web console following these steps:

  1. Open your app in web console
  2. Navigate to

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Custom command to run your app

We've been listening! There has been a considerable amount of requests in the recent past asking for a custom command to be used when your app is launched.

As of yesterday, this feature is finally available to everyone. Just go to the settings of your app, specify any command you need to start your app and restart your app. This way you can enable specific harmony features, preload modules, run

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Faster log viewing

Some of you may have noticed longer load times when viewing app logs through our web console. This happened from time to time and we were not happy with the situation. I'm happy to say we managed to solve the issue by switching tools which helped us store and retrieve logs. The performance has been steady for the past several days and we're really happy with the result.

Originally we

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New location - United States, Iowa

We're very happy to announce that we have opened a new location to host your apps.

Initially our servers were located in Europe, Ireland but as we grew more and more customers started requesting a location closer to their customers in US. We have decided to work with Google Cloud and opened a new location in Iowa, United States.

After a short beta, the new location is now available to

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Getting started

We been getting a lot of questions from you such as how does your architecture look like or what's your development workflow, so we decided that we'd like to share with you some insights.

In the following weeks I'll publish a couple of articles about how our systems are designed, what's new and what we're currently working on — subscribe and stay tuned.

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