Response time metrics

We just launched a brand new feature on EvenNode which helps you track how fast your app responds to requests.

Response time chart

Response time metric tracks the time it took your app to process a request and return a response. We provide you with three important metrics which help you determine how quickly your app responds to requests:

  • 90th response time percentile
  • 95th response time percentile
  • 99th response time percentile

The percentiles

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HTTP/2 support

Another great feature has landed on EvenNode - HTTP/2 support.

As requested by our community we've deployed support for HTTP/2 protocol to all our load balancers so that your users can load pages over secure connection faster than with HTTPS.

There are no changes required to your application. Our load balancers terminate HTTP/2 traffic and send HTTP traffic to your app over private network. Your app can

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MongoDB 4.0 available

MongoDB version 4.0 is here. It brings plenty of improvements and new features and we have just enabled it by default for all new apps deployed on EvenNode.

If your app runs on an older version of MongoDB and you'd like to update to the latest one, feel free to reach out to our support and we'll be happy to assist you.

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Live logs!

Finally here – we have introduced live logs to our web dashboard.

From now on you can stream logs from your app in real-time. As your app writes to stdout/stderr (for example through console.log()), logs automatically appear in your app's logs in the web dashboard.

No more refreshing the page and waiting to see your logs. Logs are now streamed live from your app.

Look for LIVE LOGS

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MongoDB 3.6 available

A new version of MongoDB has been released this year in December.
MongoDB 3.6 brings a lot of improvements. As usual, full changelog is available in MongoDB documentation.

The new version is automatically enabled for all new apps deployed on EvenNode. In case you'd like to move your existing app to MongoDB 3.6, reach out through our support and we'll be happy to assist you with the migration.

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Details about outage from Nov 9

We'd like to share a couple words with you regarding outage we have experienced on November 9. The outage has started 7:15am CET and lasted until around 8pm CET time.

It has affected major data centers of one of the biggest server hosting providers in Europe. Hundreds of thousands of servers were down due to this incident and majority of our EU servers were affected.

The official reason for

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MongoDB 3.4 supported

MongoDB version 3.4 has been available since December 2016.
We have enabled it by default for all new customers on EvenNode. As you're used to from the past, we provide free access to a MongoDB database for every application.

You can now enjoy new features such as new aggregation operators, expressions and views which are available in the latest version. To learn more on what's new in version 3.

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30-day free trials

We have just bumped our free trials to 30 days! We hope you're going to enjoy the prolonged free period to test drive your apps before going live with our platform.

Feel free to contact our support if you need any help with setting things up.

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Free SSL certificates for all paid plans

We are happy to announce immediate availability of SSL certificates for all paid plans. From today you can deploy a free SSL certificate for your apps through a simple experience via our web dashboard or you can easily deploy your own SSL certificate if you already own one.

We provide free SSL certificates through our partner Let's Encrypt. The certificate is valid for your application's domain name and for all

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Python now available!

Python is now supported on EvenNode. The team has been working hard to bring you support of other programming languages and we're starting with Python.

All versions of Python are available - 2.7, 3.3, 3.4 and 3.5. The build process looks for requirements.txt file to install your dependencies and collectstatic if Django is listed as a dependency.

The stack has been tested thoroughly and is

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