Response time metrics

We just launched a brand new feature on EvenNode which helps you track how fast your app responds to requests.

Response time chart

Response time metric tracks the time it took your app to process a request and return a response. We provide you with three important metrics which help you determine how quickly your app responds to requests:

  • 90th response time percentile
  • 95th response time percentile
  • 99th response time percentile

The percentiles enable you to determine the maximum time it took your app to serve X% of requests. If the 90th percentile shows a value of 450ms it means 90% of the requests were completed within less time than 450ms and 10% took more time to complete than 450ms.

The response time metric does not include time it took the browser to send and receive a response. It is a good indicator of the speed of your application without the variability of user connection, location or browser/computer speed.

Lower numbers mean your application is faster at processing requests and usually leads to a better user experience. Web pages load faster and the interface feels much more responsive.